Connect to GIM8008 Motor

hi all,
Anyone has connected success to GIM8008 motor.
Motor Link
can this motor work with Odrive? Can you help me to write the config file for this motor ??
thank you so much

It looks like that motor already has its own integrated drive?

yes, but this driver just works with torque mode. I will replace that driver with an Odrive. thanks

They sell it without a driver.

no reason why ODrive shouldn’t work. Do you know what encoder it has?

yes, its encoder is a MA700 encoder.

As far as I know, this encoder is not supported by ODrive yet. Sorry.
Feel free to wrute a driver for it though :wink:

You could probably use the stock driver and implement a position PID controller off-board though, especially if it gives you both position and velocity over CAN bus