Connecting odrive for 36V 350w BDLC hub motor

Hello this is my first post.

Im trying to use Odrive with a 36V 350W hub motor.

I Have followed the same steps suggested for a hoverboard motor. Full calibration is completing without any error. the moment when i keep requested state into CLOSED LOOP CONTROL, getting an error CONTROLLER_ERROR_OVERSPEED.

here are my controller.config
anticogging_enabled: True (bool)
calib_anticogging: False (bool)
calib_pos_threshold: 1.0 (float)
calib_vel_threshold: 1.0 (float)
cogging_ratio: 1.0 (float)
index: 0 (uint32)
pre_calibrated: False (bool)
axis_to_mirror: 255 (uint8)
circular_setpoint_range: 1.0 (float)
circular_setpoints: False (bool)
control_mode: 3 (uint8)
electrical_power_bandwidth: 20.0 (float)
enable_gain_scheduling: False (bool)
enable_overspeed_error: True (bool)
enable_torque_mode_vel_limit: True (bool)
enable_vel_limit: True (bool)
gain_scheduling_width: 10.0 (float)
homing_speed: 0.25 (float)
inertia: 0.10000000149011612 (float)
input_filter_bandwidth: 2.0 (float)
input_mode: 5 (uint8)
load_encoder_axis: 0 (uint8)
mechanical_power_bandwidth: 20.0 (float)
mirror_ratio: 1.0 (float)
pos_gain: 1.0 (float)
spinout_electrical_power_threshold: 10.0 (float)
spinout_mechanical_power_threshold: -10.0 (float)
steps_per_circular_range: 1024 (int32)
torque_mirror_ratio: 0.0 (float)
torque_ramp_rate: 0.009999999776482582 (float)
vel_gain: 0.019999999552965164 (float)
vel_integrator_gain: 0.10000000149011612 (float)
vel_integrator_limit: inf (float)
vel_limit: 10.0 (float)
vel_limit_tolerance: 0.0 (float)
vel_ramp_rate: 0.25 (float)

Can anyone please suggest me.

Thank you in advance

Is the motor actually going fast? Or is it just throwing this error?