Connection Issue

Can anybody help with why i get his lost connection and will not reconnect
the odrive is in closed loop control

thanks in advance

I think you have the same problem as ap23:

Try the ferrite rings from the shop, and try twisting/shortening your cables if possible.

Hi Tom - your fast at this stuff

just tried odrive on 48v batt and laptop on batt (no mains connections) still keeps doing it - however it recovers if i spin the motor out

The usb cable that came with the odrive is not faulty - but using a shorter cable has solved all the issues

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interesting - what do you mean by “it recovers if i spin the motor out”?

I strongly suspect that the PWM switching edges are causing MHz-GHz range noise to be emitted from the big antenna that is your motor cables. A ferrite ring close to the ODrive with a couple of turns of your motor cable through it should absorb 90% of that.

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