Connections in V3.5 board U4 and U5

Hi all,
I have a few doubts,

  1. Is the 24V version is given in this link?
    if so where i can find the 48V version?
  2. When going thorugh the above mentioned V3.5 schematic, Some of the connections like RT_CLK, COMP, VSENSE, PVDD2, etc. of U4(M0) is connected but these are found unconnected with U5(M1) why is it so?
  3. how the signal nOCTW is connected? is it not connected or is this signal of U4 and U5 tied together?
  4. Where the DC_CAL is getting connected from both U4 and U5?

Expecting your valuable comments…

  1. 24V and 48V have the same schematic, but different voltage ratings on the capacitors and MOSFETs
  2. We only need one 5V rail, which the internal buck converter on the M0 DRV8301 provides.

If you download the schematic and use find (CTRL+F) you should be able to find all references to the signals you’re interested in…

Hi wetmelon,

thanks for the response.
Which is the mosfet used for 48V version?