Control logic question

Hey guys,

First time poster here, ive used an odrive with a hoverboard wheel for sim racing.

Ive started to work on a ffb brake pedal similar to what simucube has.

I have a 60mm nema 24 servo motor on the way.

The idea is that i want to create a torque curve, a seperate controller would deal with the logic of position vs load cell that part imo is easy imo.

The issue i have is i cant use torque mode to control the pedal as the motor has to backdrive the ballscrew to control the load via feed back from the load cell.

Should i use velocity control for this instance, does that make sense? Or even angle control?

I dont have the motor yet so i cant even test anything.

Thanks guys

I would suggest position control mode through the position filter input mode. Then you can also make sure you don’t try to drive it into the hard stops.