Coordinated Motion

So, just getting my ODrive up and running. I am trying to build a large video camera gimbal running on a raspberry pi. I can see how to jog two motors to two different positions, but would like to know how coordinated motion is handled?

  1. Acceleration of both motors simultaneously (might be different for weight on each axis)
  2. Coordination between each axis so they arrive at the target destinations at the same time
  3. Deceleration

Is this typically handled outside of the odrive on the pi? Perhaps there is some sort of motion control library that does this and sends the commands over to the odrive?

I would really appreciate any advice, been spending a few hours googling the topic with little success. I am envisioning a drive system that uses multiple odrives.



It’s not, sorry. You’ll have to use a motion control system for this, like ROS or grbl or something.