Couldn't able to open odrivetool in anaconda 3

i have a 24v v3.6 odrive conneted to windows machine . i am using anaconda3 … so when i follow the procedure i can able to install odrive but when i try odrivetool i am getting this message odrivetool’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Hey, fellow noob here. What are you entering exactly into anaconda?

If you do pip install odrive and then odrivetool returns this message, you have a broken python / anaconda install and you might need to start from scratch (I recommend not using anaconda, just use normal terminal / Python)

  • To launch the main interactive ODrive tool, type odrivetool and Enter, i tried this

thanks for the reply , i tried using zadig to flash it again , but now its showing libusb- win32 device … what i have to do next .