Coustem Odrive 600V 30A it posible?

Hii iwant coustem Odrive for my AC servo 220v 5A.
Before i buy and waste more money and time, i want to ask in this forum.
I will used IKCM30F60GA. ( suport 600v 30A)
You can see the datasheet.

That already come with IGBT and Also driver (like drv8301).

So anyone know about this?? If yes it mush be coustem frimeware also??
I have basic only in elektronic and frimeware.
Before i want to used VESC. But that not suport step/dir comunication. Because i see almost the schematic same with vesc.
I neet for control cnc with ac servo.
Thank you somuch🙏

Hi Artayasa,

Feel free to reach out to the ODrive team at if you’d like to discuss your custom application.

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Oke thank you somuch for your info sir🙏