Creating steering input from onboard 'joystick' rather than wireless input

I’ve seen many self-balance robots use the oDrive board with a wireless controller to adjust speed to each wheel.
My build has onboard steering-input similar to a Segway’s joystick, moving a Hall-sensor which covers a 5v range -2.5v for ‘Right’ ~ +2.5v for ‘Left’.
Can this +~- voltage range input be connected to the oDrive board? If so, which pins, and would it need specific Python code to implement it?

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Odrive does have analog inupt.

Alternatively, you could use a microcontroller (I’ve used ESP32) to measure the voltage instead and send commands to the odrive through PWM, CAN, UART, or probably some things I don’t even know about. This is what I would do to avoid accidentally sending voltage spikes to the odrive. Letting smoke out of a microcontroller is pretty cheap. It also would give you a nice way to connect a little screen as a dashboard.

Thanks for the suggestion, I have an ESP32 left over from Bluetooth experiment, I’ll try the UART now.