CUI AMT132S-V or AMT332S-V encoder compatibility

I’m thinking of running the D6374 motor into a BaneBots sports gearbox. Parts linked below.
D6374 Dual Shaft Motor - D6374 150kv — ODrive
Gearbox 57 Sport Gearbox - AndyMark, Inc
Pinion Gear 16 Tooth 0.7 Module 8 mm Round Bore Steel Pinion Gear for CIM Sport - AndyMark, Inc
AMT132S-V Encoder
AMT332S-V Encoder

The pinion gear presses onto an 8mm shaft which should match the encoder side of the D6374 motor. I would add a bearing below the gear and would like to mount the encoder on the 10mm side of the motor. This shaft is 10mm. The AMT132S and AMT332S series of encoders looks to be similar to the supported AMT102 encoders.

Both can run at 4096 PPR. I’d like to run up to the peak RPM of the motor (listed in the motor guide as 5760RPM) ODrive motor guide - Google Sheets

Do you see any reason why this wouldn’t work?

Do you have any other suggestions that might work better?



You’re probably better off using the 5065 for the dual 8mm shafts, then you don’t have to figure out what to do with the 10mm.


So your gut feel is that there could be issues with the CUI encoders that can handle the 10mm shaft? My application will be to move a 300 lb table as quickly as possible between positions that could only be 4 inches apart and the extra torque of the D6374 looked like it could really help. Was going to tune the trapezoid function (axis.controller.config.input_mode = INPUT_MODE_TRAP_TRAJ) and reduce acclerations until it was able to stay in control.

I understand the D5065 can turn more RPM (ODrive motor guide - Google Sheets) and I can gear the speed down with more ratio in the gearbox but the encode guide (ODrive encoder guide - Google Sheets) seems to indicate that the CUI AMT102V cuts out at 7500 RPM. Can a different encoder handle the full 8640 RPM? I suppose if the encoder/motor combo is rock solid at 7500 RPM. I would lose only about 33% or the output speed given the same gearbox output torque.


Using the AMT132S-V is fine, you can put it on the 10mm side just be careful of the flat (D-shaft), I don’t know how that will work with how they grip.