Current Consumption

Hello there, can anybody tell me the stand by current the 56v ODrive requires before enabling CLOSED_LOOP_CONTROL (we use this in stepper projects to aid battery life)

thanks in advance

Not sure what you mean by standby current?
ODrive is not a stepper: There is no fixed ‘holding current’, it applies a current proportional to the torque on the motor.
If the motor is not under load, then there will be very little current draw.

Depends on the voltage and what else you have hooked up. I’m using about 30-50mA or so in idle. Some encoders take more than others

towen, thanks for the reply (I understand ODrive in not a stepper) i am just trying to find out what the current consumption would be before enabling CLOSED_LOOP_CONTROL as there should be no current drawn by the motor, but the ODrive will consume some and that is very relevant to the project as the current 8 robots move to position then release all power to the motor where they may stay for upto 90 mins before the next move command - current consumption is a key factor that would enable me to move the robots over to ODrives rather than building another 8 with hybrid closed loop steppers

Wetmelon - many thanks, is that with CLOSED_LOOP_CONTROL disabled ???

Yes, I also get about 30-50mA with the motors disabled (idle state). I understand what you mean now :slight_smile:
There is no ‘shutdown’ pin that would put consumption into microamps or less, if that’s what you’re after.
You may be able to hack one in, as this feature does exist on the DRV chip used as a buck converter, but if you need to leave it connected to a battery for a long time, I’d advise to use a switch.

Wetmelon, towen - many thanks , meaning full figures from the both of you.
could anybody point me in the right direction of a library that supports the latest firmware and that will work with a ESP32.

as you can see from the pics, we even remove the cooling fan from the drive as it just consumes power and the drives are not running long enough to produce any heat.

pic also of PI4 contol cab running 9 instances of Node Red/mosquito with another 8 ESP32’s handling half duplex comms to each robot

each robot has also been value engineered for cost vs reliability (yep we use IP65 Tupperware :slight_smile: "

Thanks to you both

Is there an ODrive inside that blue heatsink enclosure?

What a strange-looking machine. Perhaps you should start a project thread on it!
I don’t quite understand why you needed a separate Pi4 and ESP32 per robot in your control cabinet though! Can’t one ESP32 talk to nine others?
But to answer your question, I think Arduino supports ESP32, so you could use the standard ODriveArduino library.
In any case, the serial protocol is very simple, so I’m sure you could implement it in whatever software stack you currently use.

Hi Tom, No the blue heatsink is a closed loop stepper driver, the separate Pi4 is for the user interface of each robot as Node Red only supports one instance, the ESP32’s are there for two reasons 1,for comms bandwidth as they are running LORa not WiFi. 2, We use both cores of the cpu for different tasks

towen is right, you can use the ODriveArduino library on ESP32, or get inspiration from it. But there is nothing fancy, it’s just a thin ASCII protocol layer, sending command strings over UART.

You can also use the native protocol on UART, or write a CAN library to work with CANSimple

Wetmelon, yes been looking at that (i have read that some of the commands changed in a recent firmware upgrade - is it true ???) anyways i think it is time for an ODrive test bed in January
thanks to the info from yourself & Tom.