Current control on sensorless mode

Hi i need a way to control the current in sensorless mode to control accelerations and torque so i don’t ruin my battery with more power that it can handle, i don’t know why its not possible to run in current control mode and why its that.

Sensorless control relies on the back-EMF of the motor to estimate rotor position. This is only possible at speeds above a few hundred rpm. Current control is technically possible but only if the velocity is non-zero. Since that has to be the case anyway, we just limit you to velocity control.

motor.config.current_lim sets the current limit so you don’t overload your motor :slight_smile:

hi Marian,
I am now at the same point and I am not sure if it is possible or not?
Sensorless velocity control is running now and next I want to switch to your headline “current/torque control on sensorless mode”.
Have you persued your project?
If yes, can you share some supporting code with me?

thx Hannes