Current/torque sensing during position control?

So I know we ODrive can do current (torque) / velocity / position control.
in the position control, can we detect something like if there is extra force act on the motor (basically detect if motor with load ran into something)?

I have implemented a virtual “bumper”/“home” type configuration on a test rig I had built. To implement this there are a few ways and I am a way from my PC so I can’t remember which one I used. But some tips for you do have velocity/position setpoints and the current values available to you. I simply just looked at say the velocity setpoint and once it deviated a certain amount from the target setpoint I knew I had to be on the end stop… There is no reason you could not also don’t his on current but it is a bit more difficult as the sensors here are noisier and you could see temporary spikes but if you filtered properly I’m sure you could implement it this way.

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