D5065 Motor Setup

Hi Guys,

I am using the D5065 motor and Odrive controller and I was wondering if it mattered how you hook the red, yellow, and black motor leads to the Odrive A B and C phase terminals. As far as I can tell so far it is not making a difference. I could not find anything about it in the setup documents or searching in here. Does the Odrive detect phases at setup or something?

Thank you for your help,


It doesn’t really matter what wire of a three-phase motor goes to what pin. It will not have any effect on speed, performance, torque, …

The only thing that would change is the direction of the motor. The direction of the motor changes when you switch any pair of wires. Be sure to try it, it is very interesting!

I would suggest to use a fixed color order of attaching the motor to the terminal, so that the direction is only changeable by using the firmware. This way, you won’t run into surprises when you reattach the motor.

Also, the three phases of a good three-phase motor are exactly the same. So that means the same resistance, the same inductance, the same losses, …

If you want to learn more about BLDC’s, you can start with this video by GreatScott (https://youtu.be/UteZJ_7C4Mg). He has a couple of video’s about BLDC’s, generators and ESC’s. I would certainly suggest learning about those motors, it is very interesting! :wink: