D6374 Availability

Hi all,

Sorry to pollute the forums with this, but I don’t see it anywhere - is there an eta on when the D6374 motors (The150 KV version) will be back in stock in the shop?

I recently disovered oDrive via the SwissMak Kickstarter… Which i had randomly come across while browsing KS and am regretting not backing… I was so very tempted, but being in the UK I figured the shipping would be extortionate… So I’m going to keep an eye on that project and hopefully one of the first to buy one when they go on regular sale afterwards (here’s hoping that they do!).

Anyway, in the meantime I’ve been planning on re-building my regular home-made 3 axis CNC router and the oDrive looks like a perfect match… and with other projects I have in mind it’s simply something I want to play with. Oh so many possibilities! Again, being in the UK, shipping can be crazy so I was hoping to buy 3 or 4 oDrive modules and a whole bunch of the motors and encoders in one shipment to have them on hand for when I get around to my various projects… No point in ordering anything until it’s all in stock and I can’t seem to find another supplier of dual shaft BLDC motors of comperables specs… Unless someone has any suggestions?


Hi Troy,
Thanks a lot for your warm words and enthusiasm!
The initial batch of D6374’s were just a small batch to test out the quality from the manufacturer, so I ran out quite quickly. I will be putting in a larger order again very soon: I think you can expect about 4 weeks lead-time from today. Sorry about that delay.

If you don’t want to wait, I’d recommend these KEDA motors.


Great, thanks! I might just pick up a couple of those KEDA motors to play with.