D6374: outrunner or inrunner?

we are developing an electric gokart, and are looking into your project as a possible motor controller/drivetrain.

Is the D6374 motor from your shop a inrunner or a outrunner? (if possible we want to connect the housing to a heatsink if possible to get even more juice from the motor :slight_smile: ).

Alternatively: does anyone know another motor that works well for a gokart (and is well suited for odrive)?


It’s an outrunner, as is any other ones in the shop. Anything on the low side of the KV range is going to be an outrunner. Your options are… push air through the motor and thereby across the stator, go up in motor capacity but run it at fractional amperage to reduce heat, go with an inrunner and gear it down, or… what I would do, use two motors since you’ve got two channels anyway.

Pretty well any BLDC is “well suited” for ODrive aside from really high KV motors unless that’s just your thing. I would look at the Turnigy RotoMax series and the CA80 - the latter of which is excellent bang:buck at $170 for a 7KW motor. Keep in mind that’s 140A at 50v which is, I’m pretty certain, just beyond the ODrive’s max amperage (unless you’re flying it through the air, though, you’d probably run into heat issues on a kart at ODrive’s max amperage anyway). Also keep in mind there are some losses, so while you may have 48v going into the board, you’ll get something like 80% of that to the motor - so factor that in accordingly for your max RPM calcs.

Edit: If you do try the CA80, you’ll want to push the motor shaft out the other end so that your load/pulley is at a more desirable location mechanically speaking.

The D6374 is indeed an outrunner. They do really well with a duct and a blower to push air through the stator for cooling. See this thread for example:

I would suggest a radial blower fan, they are very good at pushing air through small ducts, such as the gaps in the stator. This one I found was very good value.


You talk about turnigy ca80 , did someone have tested it?
I want to use it as spindle motor
Im esitate between ca80 or the D6374 from odrive
Wich one i will get more torque and speed with the limitation of the odrive,.

I try to find this answer but ,if i understand ca80 shoulb be better but no clear answer anywhere


My recommendation/mention of the CA80 was motivated merely by its advertised power and price. I’m not aware of anyone that has paired it with an ODrive yet. Speed will be dictated by gearing and KV rating - about equal for the two. Comparing just the power rating, you will get significantly more torque out of the CA80.

Totaly agree but the question is

100% of power with a 63mm outrunner or
Maybe 60% of power with a 80mm outrunner

In therm of price and torque i will not asking but with a limitation of power (amp) from odrive, why im asking

Or something i dont understand

You’ll usually get more efficiency and life out of the 60% power 80mm

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