DC Bus Over Regen Current Errror?

Hi all,

I’ve been working with an oDrive unit for a engineering project at school, and have encountered a new error after updating to the new firmware version. I am now on firmware version v0.5.1 from v0.4.12

I am attempting to calibrate and set up the motor which is a D5065 270KV motor, and am using a rechargable 22.2V lipo. No brake resistor is wired as a battery is being used and not a power supply. No issues were had with the previous firmware version and tuning values have been updated for the new firmware. I am getting the errors: AXIS_ERROR_BRAKE_RESISTOR_DISARMED and MOTOR_ERROR_DC_BUS_OVER_REGEN_CURRENT

I can’t find much info on the motor error so any help would be appreciated. The errors appear after I attempt to run closed loop control. I attached a screenshot of the error as well.

Thank you!

You can set odrv0.config.dc_max_negative_current and odrv0.config.max_regen_current. Set them to the max current the battery could realistically absorb.

For ~reasons~, dc_max_negative_current should be a negative value, and max_regen_current is a positive value.

Thanks! I was having the same problem and this fix worked for me.