Determine if axis is homed via CAN bus


I don’t believe it is currently possible, but wanted to verify that there is no way to query the “is_homed” boolean variable via the CAN bus? I can successfully issue the AXIS_STATE_HOMING request via CAN, and the axis does, indeed, go to home, but I would like to know when I get there and then know later that the axis has already been homed.

short of modding the firmware myself, is there a way to do this via CAN?

thanks for any assistance,

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Firmware has 0x001 message, which contains current axis state. Does it switch from AXIS_STATE_HOMING to AXIS_STATE_CLOSED_LOOP_CONTROL when homing is complete?

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@PKav thanks for the response. Yes, my current solution is to look for the state change from HOMING to IDLE and then I make the assumption that it is homed, but the is_homed boolean is more robust, which is why I was hoping to access it via CAN, but I am pretty certain I cannot. Thanks! John