Difference in measurements between ODrive and multimeter - T-Motor R100 KV90

Hello everyone!

I’m working on the identification of a T-Motor R100 KV90 motor and I’m encountering the following problem.

The motor has a phase-to-phase resistance and inductance of 55 mΩ and 33 μH respectively, according to the manufacturer. I have validated those values myself, using a multimeter and a LC-meter.

However, after the calibration sequence ODrive measured 47 mΩ phase resistance and 17.7 μH phase inductance. My motor is delta wound, but even when assuming the equivalent wye motor the mismatch in the values still remains.

Does anyone have any ideas on what causes this disagreement? (The motor seems to work fine nonetheless)

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Was this with an ODrive v3.6 or an ODrive Pro? The v3.6 resistance/inductance measurement isn’t that accurate but the Pro should be.

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It was with an ODrive v3.6, so that’s probably it. The good thing is it doesn’t seem to affect the performance of the motor, so this slight inaccuracy is acceptable for my setup. Thank you for the insight!

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