Different drive modes for a kids vehicle


We are planning on building a small(toy) vehicle for a kid. It would be fairly slow one, but for a fun factor we would like to have different acceleration and steering modes. We would be using odrive board to control the motors for steering and speed.

But for changing these modes, would it be better to change acceleration gains within odrive board (assuming we want to change the mode while vehicle is running) or we should have separate PID loop on top of Odrive and just change those values?


I would say that you donĀ“t need a separate PID loop on top. I think that you only need to limit the maximum speed and/or maximum current (acceleration), no?

I guess that you can change the firmware to use one (or several) of the free GPIOs to select between the different Ā“configurationsĀ“ (i.e. different speed and acceleration limits) with a button.

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