Differential steering

Hi everyone, I am new to this fourm. I wanted to know if you plan to implement different steering? My project would be closer to the finish line if it was made easy with the O Drive! Also what’s the time frame to release the new firmware and compatible board.

What do you mean “different steering”? Do you mean differential drive? If so, yes we do that in this demo:

It’s not supported directly, we did the mixing in the RC transmitter. Are you looking to do the mixing on the ODrive?

I’m sorry for the typo… I suffer from fat finger problems. Yes I do mean differential steering. If you are going to have hall effect sensor support can you post the code for your rc channel mixing?

I am using the same motors on my project. Is it possible to provide the code for this? Also is it compatible with the board that is being sold in your shop?

The RC mixing isn’t done in code, it’s done in the RC transmitter. Just google “RC transmitter mixing”. I don’t have the code released or the documentation ready for this demo yet, but I will try to get there as soon as I can.

Yes once it’s ready, the idea is that recreating this kind of thing should be easy. It will have support for hall feedback and RC transmitter input, and work well on hub motors.