Dir/step comand issue

Hi guys

I have and issue with the step dir signal, i’m trying to do something that i did in the past, control a motor with step/dir, that’s why i think that depend of an issue in the new firmware, but before to change and return to older firmware i would ask you :

The problem is that i send the commands with my external controller in step dir and the motor turn but each time that it arrive to the index, it turns back faster and keep turning until it arrive again to the index signal.

I saw that there is witing something about this issue in the troubleshooting part, the diference (if doesn’t misunderstood ) is that my initial index search work fine, any way i change the step gpio pin and i’m still having the issue.

i’m other words the motor doesn’t go over the index.

if i send the comands with the axis.controller.input_pos = it works great.

please, any one have some idea?


Check your encoder config - do you have “zero on index” set?

thanks for your sugestion, i’ll check

Hi @johnv , you have to set circular setpoints with the new software. See the instructions here Step/Direction — ODrive Documentation 0.0 documentation

@towen for reference

Thanks Wetmelon, i saw the new parameters that i should add, i found this two parameters too:

..controller.config.circular_setpoint_range = 1.0 #[turns]
..controller.config.steps_per_circular_range = 1024 #[steps]

i should multiply for 2 in the motor axis 0 and for 10 in the axis 1 to make it works ok…
is it normal?

one more thing that cause me so many problems was that i should replace the encoder cable and i forgot to connect the shield of the cable to the ground and that gives me a severe headache…