DIY Torque Wrench Possible?

New here, arrived via some interesting YouTube videos (3d printing related) and I have a question. I need to torque a bunch of nuts to a specific value (approx 6Nm) day in and day out. Is this a do-able option? Commercially available torque drivers are out of my price range but I wouldn’t mind tinkering around and making a diy version provided it’s feasible. I guess ideally I’d like it to start slow & low torque until X rotations occur (to ensure its threaded properly) before speeding up and stopping at the set torque. Apologies for the basic “can it do this” type question but I didn’t see any comparable use cases mentioned in my brief search. Thank you!

try this?

I have a torque wrench I use after putting on the nuts with a drill (with the slip clutch set to lower than I need) so I’m able to do what I need. Basically I want to diy a driver that automatically stops at a more precise torque than the drill (using the clutch I can get it close but it’s dependent on the speed/power level of the battery). This isn’t a must have, but I love tinkering and if I can make my own it’d be a win win. I’m looking to mimic a proper nutrunner, something like this: Stanley Assembly Technologies E23PB-21 Pistol Grip Electric Nutrunner 3/8" Drive - Wrenches not just a torque wrench.

I meant use that torque gauge with a drill mate