Driving IG420061X00174R DC motor with hall effect sensor

Hi Odrive community!

I am in the process of building a 4 wheel robot and was considering the Odrive. Do you think the Odrive is compatible with this motor? DC motor from Conrad Elektronik.

Is there a setup guide or anyone with resources on how to set the Odrive up with DC motor + hall effect encoders?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi, welcome,

I am new to ODrive myself but very impressed with the system so far, especially with their D5065 - 270kv motor. These along with the ODrive are very accurate and powerful motors for both position and continuous rotation.

I don’t believe the ODrive would run DC motors although I may be wrong, but are able to run with different types of encoders.

Have you purchased the DC motors yet? As I believe the best option would be to use the D5065 - 270kv motor if you have the space. In comparison: -

------------------------DC gearmotor----------D5065 - 270kv
RPM-----------------0 - 102--------------------0 - 8640
Type-----------------Brushed (assumed)—Brushless
Rotation------------CCW (Datasheet)-----CCW & CW
Output Shaft-------8mm----------------------8mm
Encoder------------Fitted Hall----------------Choice of External

I hope that helps.

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