Driving inline motors

Recently I got a weird idea when looking to increase robot power, could you drive 2 motors on the same shaft with odrive? Possibly with one encoder?.

I know it can be done(and has) in RC planes by syncing the phases and then using one ESC to drive them but could the same be applied to motion control?. And would you drive both motors from one output, or both motors in their own outputs with a shared control and possibly encoder signals?

If you drive the second one in constant current (current≈torque) mode, you should je able to do that yeah

Yes, this is doable if you’re careful about calibration.

So motor 1 is in current control, motor 2 is in position control with encoder or does motor 1 now need its own encoder? How would I feed step/dir to the drives, to both of them or just motor 2?

I figure you could run 2 motors with phases aligned off of one encoder but since Odrive calibrates both motors independently, I wonder how would calibration work them.

I think just to one and put the other one in current control