Driving Linear motor


I’m sorry about the translation

I recently bought a linear motor, which had a RENISHAW TONIC linear encoder, bought an odrive to run it, connected all the wires, did full calibration after connecting to the computer, but it stopped after moving in one direction
Failed to proceed with calibration.
When I counted the magnets on the base, it was about 28 and it was about 340mm long.
The motor is a stage type with a winding resistance of 7.7 ohms and a transfer distance of 165mm.
At first, I counted the encoder count through odrive and it was around 170,000 but I don’t know how to convert this to CPR.

I connected the encoder directly to A, B, and Z
Originally, the output of the encoder was differential output and I just connected +, should I connect using a line receiver ic or something?

Thank you for your time.