Drv8301.c quality


I’m going through the driver code in drv8301.c and I’m noticing rather serious bugs. I can’t help but thinking this code was developed in India: Copious amount of unnecessary use of the article ‘the’ in comments, useless comments explaining the C statement below but not the intend, and unawareness of when and when not to escape line endings:

drvDataNew = Spi_8301_Vars->Ctrl_Reg_2.OCTW_SET |
Spi_8301_Vars->Ctrl_Reg_2.GAIN |
Spi_8301_Vars->Ctrl_Reg_2.DC_CAL_CH1p2 |

But what is far worse, is that it is largely untested code. This function cannot work:
DRV8301_VdsLevel_e DRV8301_getOcLevel(DRV8301_Handle handle)
uint16_t data;

// read data
data = DRV8301_readSpi(handle,DRV8301_RegName_Control_1);

// clear the bits
data &= (~DRV8301_CTRL1_OC_ADJ_SET_BITS);

} // end of DRV8301_getOcLevel() function

It clears the bits requested, and it even says so in the comments! Its clearly a copy-paste error from the setter functions and obviously never tested.

These functions show the same defect:
DRV8301_OcMode_e DRV8301_getOcMode(DRV8301_Handle handle)
DRV8301_OcOffTimeMode_e DRV8301_getOcOffTimeMode(DRV8301_Handle handle)
DRV8301_OcTwMode_e DRV8301_getOcTwMode(DRV8301_Handle handle)
DRV8301_PeakCurrent_e DRV8301_getPeakCurrent(DRV8301_Handle handle)
DRV8301_PwmMode_e DRV8301_getPwmMode(DRV8301_Handle handle)
DRV8301_ShuntAmpGain_e DRV8301_getShuntAmpGain(DRV8301_Handle handle)

Does anybody know where this driver originates from? And are there any other externally borrowed parts I should be aware of?


Can you elaborate what exactly is wrong with stated lines above?

The functions mentioned are defective; They clear the bitfield requested instead of the complementary bits.

And the drvDataNew assigning statement has unnecessary trailing backslashes, which this forum platform seems to be omitting.

As far as I know, it’s a TI official library. But it’s certainly possible it’s borked. Please submit a pull request with tested changes to https://github.com/madcowswe/ODrive/

Other external portions included ARM CMSIS, FreeRTOS, ST CubeMX generated code, and ST HAL.

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