Dual Loop Control

Is it possible to do dual loop control using two AS5147 magnetic sensors, one on the motor and one on the driven gear with Odrive? This project does it with a PSoC4 controller. https://hackaday.io/project/157812-3d-printed-robot-actuator

Hi Ryan,

This is a planned feature but we haven’t finished it yet.

Hello, Is this feature implemented?
I only use one axis of the Odrive. I use a BLDC motor that has an incremental encoder and hall sensors.
I notice a difference in the load’s position on the motor shaft and on the final end shaft, due to mechanical issues.
Is this possible to use dual loop? so the position loop will be closed on an absolute encoder.
I will use any absolute encoder you suggest and that is recommended.

If it is not supported, can I use the hall sensors + absolute encoder on the load? will the position loop be stable when the encoder is not sitting directly on the motor’s shaft?

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Yes. You can set axis0.encoder.config.load_encoder = 1 to set axis 0 to use the encoder from axis 1 as the position and velocity controller.