Encoder CUI-AMT102V not working? I am really lost

I am having a lot of troubles with the encoder CUI-AMT102-V. I verified with a LA that channel A and B are working, the index is working too, but when I connect it to the Odrive v3.5 board … the software on the host side reports that the encoder is not working at all.

In order to test is, is it possible to see the raw data? I mean what the MPU on the Odrive v3.5 reads just out of the Quadrature circuit.

Is it possible? If so, how?

I tested

  • the wiring cable between the Odrive and the encoder CUI-AMT102V: all is ok
  • the encoder CUI-AMT102V standalone, attached to a powersupply 5V and a LA: all is ok
  • the encoder CUI-AMT102V attached to the Odrive: the motor turns, but the the software doesn’t see a working encoder

Found the problem: the cable I received with the Kit had the wrong wiring. I found two signal inverted.

Once the cable wiring got fixed, bingo, problem solved.
Lesson learned: never trust the cable =)


Are you Gyakusetsu on Discord? He just had the same problem.