Encoder no longer calibrates

I have a problem with a motor using hall sensors, which was calibrating ok, but now fails with
ERROR_NO_RESPONSE when connected to Motor0 pins, but if i connect it to Motor1 pins it calibrates ok, and will then go into closed_loop_control and i can spin it fine.

When connected to Motor0 pins, the Motor Calibration works ok, but then when i try Encoder
Offset calibration i get the error above. The motor does spin but only in one direction then it stops. This leads me to suspect a problem with the Odrive board, so is there any way to diagnose this further, and if it is faulty is there a repair service available.

Do you have the 22nF capacitors suggested here installed? Can you post a picture of your physical setup?

i don’t have those installed yet that was going to be my next step, but having disconnected everything and hooked the hall sensors up to oscilloscope i seem to have intermittent results.
when i connect to the oscilloscope i have 5.6K pull up resistors to the hall sensor signals, do i need to add these when connecting to the Odrive, i think i read somewhere that there are internal pullups but can’t find that reference at the moment.

Just measured the voltage on the encoder pins, and confirm they do have pull ups but only to 3.3volts, i am powering my hall sensors from the 5V line, is this a possible cause of concern, just to confirm though i have had this setup running properly.

ENCODER_NO_RESPONSE with hall effect sensors? Did you remember to configure m0 for halls instead of incremental?

Thanks for the tip, yes i did have that set correctly. turns out the problem was a bad dupont connector, giving intermittent signal. I have done away with those and soldered the connections now, and added 22nf caps just in case. And both motors are now working.

one further question, in the setup docs following the hoverboard example, it says that after encoder calibration the offset_float, should be approx 0.5, in my case i have one motor at 0.489… but the other is 0.189… they both seem to work ok, is this something i need to do anything about.

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Eh, I think it should be ok?