Encoder! Who needs one?

So the ODrive can run with or without an encoder. Well then, why would I choose to put an encoder on my system? Seems great to avoid the hassle of wiring and one more mechanical device?

I should say that I am not using it for positional control, just to drive the spindle at a set RPM. Target 24,000 RPM ± 2,000 no problem.

Obviously there are trade-offs with everything. What would I lose by skipping the encoder? My current design uses a Castle Creations ESC, I have to slowly ramp into material or else the ESC cannot respond quickly enough and it stalls the motor. Would monitoring an encoder rather than back EMF ramp up power faster? Any advantages / disadvantages?



For your application I think you should be fine without an encoder. The sensorless estimator can provide quite stiff closed loop velocity control. What motor are you using?

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Thanks! Website is down or I would send you the link. It is a leopard hobby inrunner.