Error 0x4000. How to resolve?

I had recently uploaded firmware to my odrive v3.5 48V. After that, it seems to be looked alright and easily connected with Anaconda prompt. During the process of calibration, it starts to spin in an anticlockwise and clockwise direction as mentioned in docs but after that, it goes out of closed-loop control so I checked the error that shows code 0x4000 of the motor. What should I do next?

Type dump_errors(odrv0) in the odrivetool when you get the error. It will tell you the name of the error, which you can then lookup here.

I think you are getting ERROR_DC_BUS_OVER_REGEN_CURRENT , try increasing the maximum regen current odrv.config.dc_max_negative_current. What you can safely set it to depends on how you are supplying power to your ODrive.

Thank you. Currently, I am using a 24V 8000mAh LiPo battery as a power supply. So how should I set max dc negative current? What should be the procedure? and yes it is an ERROR_DC_BUS_OVER_REGEN_CURRENT error.

Your battery is rated at 60C, I used this as reference, so the maximum current your battery can sink is 60C * 8Ah = 480A.

You are probably using XT-60 connectors, those are rated at 60A.

Your wiring is probably AWG 12, which is rated at about 20A continuous current.

I would set odrv#.config.dc_max_negative_current to -20.

If the error pops up again, you can always consider increasing/decreasing the limit or making your controller less aggressive. Then at least you know to lookout for hot wires, and that your battery should be fine.

sure I will try this

May I suggest an inline fuse? :joy:
For <=20A the little “ATC self-stripping inline fuseholders” are very useful. Otherwise I cut the wire, solder a Maxi fuse in place and put clear heatshrink over it.

Remember that fuses are guaranteed to not blow at their current rating, rather than the other way round. So if you are setting dc_max_negative_current and dc_max_positive_current to +/-20, then a 20A fuse will never blow unless there is a fault with the drive, which is what you want.

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@Riewert and @towen

If we are enabling the regen braking, do we have to change both config.dc_max_negative_current and config.dc_max_positive_current ?

I’ll be setting config.brake_resistance to zero and config.max_regeb_current to 100A. What will be the values for both config.dc_max_negative_current and config.dc_max_positive_current ?

Thanks !

Just make sure that you get the signs right.
Set dc_max_negative_current to -120 and dc_max_positive_current to 120.

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sure, thanks a lot @towen :+1:

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