Error 48 - with d6374 motor

Hello everyone!
I´m running my odrive with a d6374 motor and using the cue encoder.
Every time that i RUN the motor at speeds greater than 150000 and with a load in the shaft, i got the error 48 and the motor goes to coast!
Is it something that you guys had before?

Also, I have a brand new board that never turned on, not even the led! does anybody had the same issue before?

Carlos Jr

If the LED doesn’t turn on, then there’s something wrong with power to it - there’s no software controlling that LED. You’ll have to talk to @madcowswe about options.

Can you be more specific with the error codes?


Sorry, it was odrive.axis0.error 48

48 is hex 0x20 + 0x10, so the brake resistor was disarmed and then the motor was disarmed. This may be related to ERROR BRAKE CURRENT OUT OF RANGE error at high speeds