My setup:
is a Odrive 3.6 / 56V hardware connected to a BLDC motor (eX8108-105kV with 21 pole pairs) and the Encoder 5047 with the incremental interface

Running the firmware version 0.4.11 as well as 0.4.12 it works fine. (e.g. closed loop and move to position…)
Running the firmware version rc-v0.5.0 - the full calibration sequence works
but the closed loop fails with the “ERROR_OVERSPEED” message.


I tried to change the parameter vel_limit (6000-300000) and vel_gain(0.00025-0.004) but no success
only the setting “odrv0.axis0.controller.config.enable_overspeed_error = False” results in correct functionality like before.

What is the risk of disabling the overspeed error ?
Are there any other settings to handle this problem ?

(the same problem with the SPI devel branch )

You tell me, it’s your system.

Yes, the value config.vel_limit_tolerance can be modified. Also the encoder bandwidth makes a difference, as does the particular type of encoder you’re using.