I am running two v 3.6 -56v Odrives on my field donkey (FD). The newest Odrive has fw while the older Odrive has fw Running these simultaneous in ASCII velocity mode the older Odrive (fw will sometimes disconnect. If I do a ‘odrivetool dfu’ to upgrade older firmware it states I already have the newest firmware. If I do ‘overdrivetool dfu’ on Odrive with fw it asks if I want older firmware version. So far I have opted out. Is there a reason that I need to go to version vs

Thank you.

There is, strictly speaking, no such thing as The only official version of 0.5.4 that exists also has the PreRelease bit set.

That said, you can flash whatever version you want by going to github and downloading it. odrivetool — ODrive Documentation 0.5.4 documentation