Firmware release 0.5.1 questions for UART config

Hi there,

I’m pretty excited about the support for absolute encoders in the latest firmware release 0.5.1. I have a question on the configuration of the new release, someone may be able to advise on:

With my application on the previous 0.4.x firmware, I was talking to the oDrive using native protocol over UART at a baud rate of 921600, which all works great. However, this required minor changes to the source code and a rebuild to function. (baud rate change in usart.c and board variant config in tup.config).

It looks like I don’t need to do this code mod and rebuild with the 0.5.1 release and that there are now parameters to fully support my required changes. Could anyone confirm that this is the case and which parameters I’d need to change to effect this?

Thanks very much!

Yep. Should just have to change odrv0.config.uart_baudrate, save & reboot.

@base Would you mind sharing your code for native protocol coms over UART?

I’m trying to integrate it into the Arduino library and would love to use your work as a starting point.