First test without risking frying the board

hello, is there a good way to test the board with a motor and encoder attached, but no powere, and just sense the board or something?
failing that, can you have a really safe voltage/current from a bench supply to start testing with almost zero risk of electrocuting anyone or destroying the board?

Hi Kenneth, I have a 24V version that I tested on a 12v bench power supply, you can limit the current of the bench power supply to a low value, the ODrive V3.6 that I am using only draws around 70 to 90mA with the D5065 Motor while idling on Closed_Loop_Control, although this raises to around 900mA when calibrating. This is with the Motor off-load, so I think you would be fine at 12v and limited to a constant current of 1Amp. If the ODrive pulls more than this, the voltage will drop and you would get a Bus Under Voltage error. This is my experience so far.

Hope that helps.

Regards, Neil.

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You can also power the board with an STLinkV2 at… 3.3v I think?

i have one of these:

but maybe this is a bit suspect-
i will look into the stlinkv2

in this video one of the odrive team has a board with a bench power supply, and also the STLink like device plugged in as well, does it just limit the current as an extra safety measure?

I don’t understand the question

he seems to have an STLink plugged in, which you say “You can also power the board with an STLinkV2 at… 3.3v I think?”
but he also has another power supply

Oh, yeah. Either one works. You can even have both at the same time, although I recommend only using one or the other to power the chip.