Flipsky FS ODrive with updates

ODrive is offered by Flipsky.
Flipsky FS ODrive

Anyone have experience with Flipsky?
Their motors look like a good deal.

Flipsky Changes to ODrive 3.4 (apparently)

4. What do we changed comparing with original version?

4.1 Added a RESET button The RESET button is used for forcing the hardware to reset. It’s similar like the power on/off button in your mobile phone.
4.2 Added an ISP button The purpose is to provide one more way to do firmware upgrading.
4.3 Increase the capacitance(2.2 uf)on the GVDD power circuitto fix the DVDD failure of the original hardware 3.4 version
4.4 Modified the USB interface to Mini USB( UX60SC-MB-5ST)**
4.5 Modified all connectors to more applicable for operation**
4.6 All connectors are installed to the BOTTOM side for better heat dissipation performance.
4.7 Added motor grounding pin line for some motors that may need to solder the ground circuit.
4.8 Enlarge the soldering pad hole of DRV8301 chip to lessen void soldering chance
4.9 PCB processing technology: PCB adopts a gold-thickening process with a 2 layer PCB layout design. 2OZ thickness.

On the Flipsky Linkedin page they even mention the ODrive.
In Shenzen somewhere, but can’t find the actual Chinese manufacturer.

Maybe Shenzen Flier Electronic

Although is listed as “Flip Sky” Wholesaler Exporter

Yes, flipsky offer the FSODrive base Odrive with case, any suggestions will be welcome always.:laughing:

Flipsky just posted on r/robotics their new FSOdrive which is supposedly a better version of the current Odrive. Does anyone know if Oskar actually planned to have them as another supplier or if they are totally separate and just made their own? They directly quoted what Oskar said on the main page about why he created Odrive and put it on their page.

They are separate and made their own. It is based on ODrive v3.4, so I don’t know if they completely got rid of the DRV_FAULT issues.

They are technically allowed to make and sell designs based on the open source hardware files, but they are not allowed to use the ODrive trademark. Quoting our website verbatim, I don’t know how allowed that is legally, but since they are based in China I doubt the legality of that matters too much.

Either way, buying from the official ODrive store supports our developers and the time we spend on providing support, while we get nothing towards that from the Flipsky sales.