Flipsky ODESC 3.6 Firmware lost

Attempted to update firmware of this copycat board (ODESC 3.6)https://flipsky.net/collections/electronic-products/products/odesc3-6-optimization-of-high-performance-brushless-motor-high-power-driver-foc-bldc-based-on-odrive

Ran odrivetool dfu
and now i am unable to connect via usb. it does not pop up in device manager.

i ahve an ST-linkV2 that i was going to use to update firmware, but i cannot as the device is not in DFU mode.
how can i force DFU mode, when there is no DFU switch.

any thoughts?

These boards are not compatible with the ODrive firmware as they have hardware changes which must be accounted for in firmware e.g. pinmux control. The people who sell them do not release the source code for their modifications, and do not contribute to ODrive development.
They don’t bother to support their customers, who then become a burden on the ODrive devs when they come here asking why their fake/cloned board doesn’t work. But it’s impossible for me to know how to fix your board (even if we could get it into DFU mode, we don’t have the flipsky firmware modifications)

My best advice would be to try to get your money back from the chinese sellers (the board doesn’t work) and use it to buy an original one which comes with proper support.

It’s not fair to expect the ODrive devs to provide support for a product that has been ripped off from their open source design.