Flux weakening when DC bus voltage and back EMF are limiting


I was wondering if there is a control mode where the controller is defluxing the motor in order to achieve a velocity higher than what is theorically achievable using a limited DC bus voltage ?

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No, sorry, flux weakening is not implemented. The maximum phase voltage is approximately 70% of bus voltage with the current architecture.

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Thanks for your answer
Awesome work from the ODrive team, this project almost has all the software features of a commercial drive.

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Just wait until v4 :slight_smile:

We are currently working on backend SW architecture improvements to give us more headroom in processor time, speed up the inner control loops to handle higher frequencies and more voltage vector updates, etc. v4 also has a much beefier processor (STM32 H7) with hardware support for double precision floating point, and the acutal motor control architecture is better - we now have a current shunt on each phase instead of only 2, which will allow us to get very close to 100% modulation. And then we can theoretically add better inductance measurement and MTPA


I am very interested in fux weakening, will it be implemented in the near future?

I would not consider it a priority at this time, no. We take pull requests though :slight_smile: