Forcing circular position control to return to the set position from the same direction

First time here, I just recently discovered ODrive. This is some neat hardware.

Short question: I’ve set up my d5065 to operate in circular position control mode. It works great as long as I stay within 1/2 rotation, once I exceed that it immediately takes the “shortest route” back to the home position. Is there a setting to enforce single-direction return to the start position?

I want to keep it in circular mode, because, for example, after rotating by 1.25 turns, I want it to reverse 0.25 turns to return to the same angular position it started at.

Just had a thought as I write this… maybe a better approach would be to “slowly” update the reference position as the servo spindle turns, to prevent it from ever having to return by >1/2 turn. That wouldn’t take me back to where I started, but it would keep the reset rotation in the same direction, which is mostly what I’m after.

Thanks in advance!

You can’t command single steps greater than 1/2 of the circular_setpoint_range. So doing a bunch of tiny steps is fine, as you said. Otherwise, increase your circular setpoint range so you never command > 1/2 of a range