Get_inverter_temp through ASCII no response


I use

float ODriveArduino::GetInverterTemp(int motor_number){
    serial_<< "r axis" << motor_number << ".motor.get_inverter_temp\n";
	return ODriveArduino::readFloat();

command for getting axis0 inverter temperature, but there is no response. Is it my command wrong? any suggestions?
vbus_voltage and other commands are usable.


Sorry, get_inverter_temp() is a function call and I don’t think they work over ASCII protocol r command. I’ve put in a pull request to change this to a read-only property.

Thanks a lot! I was wondering if there is any other way to get the temperature of the inverter? How does the USB ascii protocol works when sending “get_inverter_temp()” from ODrivetool?

Unless you’ve modified it, USB doesn’t use an ASCII protocol. Otherwise I think it’s the same as the ASCII protocol via UART? You could try putting the parentheses on the function call in Arduino?

I try to put the parentheses on the function call, but still no response.