Half a turn of a motor

Hello everyone,
I am trying to do a half turn with the motor using arduino. When I run the code it goes first to the 0 position and then does the half turn. How can I start the turn from where it is and not from 0?

Thanks in advance.

  for (float ph = 0.0f; ph < 1.0f; ph += 0.005f) {
    float pos_m0 =  cos(ph);

    odrive.SetPosition(0, pos_m0);


if you first get the current position, then add 0.5 turns to it, and set it as the new position, that should work.

Where can i find all the commands?

This is honestly my question too. I assume the list of commands in “ODrive Reference” under ODrive API in the documentation is the list of commands but I find that the explanations are on the light side.