Hall effect sensored motors?

Does anyone know if the ODrive will work with this motor, specifically the sensor?


It says sensored but I am just guessing it is not compatible with the ODrive.

On a side note, does anyone know if any compact and light (sub 37mm and 150graims) waterproof or at least dustproof motor with a built-in encoder? Not even sure if that exists, but I thought I would ask.


When they say sensored in the context of hobby brushless motors, they mean that it has Hall-effect commutation sensors. This is a feature we are looking to support one day, you can subscribe to the issue here to be notified of updates.

However you should note that hall sensors are much lower resolution than encoders, so accurate position control is not possible.

Great thanks! Do you know of any motors that have an encoder built in, or is that more for professional servo type motors?

Generally no hobby brushless motor will have encoder built in, because there wasn’t a controller that could use that before ODrive. Maybe one day manufacturers will start to do it. Until then you have to add it yourself, or yes use an industrial servomotor.

I already installed two Odrive boards with encoders on my mini CNC.
And I will consider buying another board to use with hooverboard motors on a electric tractor for my nephew if the hall sensor gets supported. Do you have any plans for the hall sensor support in near future?
I think you could sell quit a bit of Odrive boards for this purpose since this is cheap motors to play around with, and the hooverboard control board is pretty unusable…

I’d be willing to test out hall sensor support too.
I’m part of the R2 Builders Club, and a lot of members are currently using expensive industrial controllers to run two brushless motors with hall sensors. If the ODrive could fit the bill I’m sure there’d be plenty of adopters from the R2 Builders and other groups.

I hear you, I have bumped the priority up on the relevant feature request.

Excellent. Make sure it will have strong braking and holding power also when using hall sensors. Then I’m sure it will be very popular for “robotic” vehicle builds.

I’ve already tried this:


But unfortunately it has more or less no holding/braking power. And also too low torque at low speed.

Braking should not be a problem, but holding still actively (position control) may be a challenge if the Hall pulses are very low resolution. But this is inherent to the feedback: ODrive will do the best possible here still if you tune it well.

Hi Madcowswe, Thank you for saving a mistake in purchasing!!!

I have been back and forward to Hobbyking’s support about a so called sensored motor to use
This: (Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374-149kv sensored version) anyway; “long story short” I have been told the encoder it has on board Quote: " its more of an Absolute encoder" So I have asked more than once for a operations manual to support this claim! They stated this could take some time for this request!!!

I won’t hold my breath, but I will keep you posted.