Hall Encoder broken?


Unfortunately, the motor mount of M1 has come loose and the cable was a little bit melted by the motor heat. One of the cable was open, like without isolation and touched the metal of the motor.

Now, the motor is still moving but I get an ENCODER ILLEGAL HALL STATE ERROR.

I applied isolation and also bought 2 new motors. Still getting the same error.

Therefore, I am wondering if I damaged the ODRIVE 3.6 somehow? Maybe because the cable touched the metal?

M0 Motor is still working.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there - if a phase wire somehow shorted to a hall input, that could definitely cause damage to the ODrive. Really depends on the motor’s design and construction - could you show what wire touched where?

Hi, thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Sure, it’s a longboard hub motor. I already applied isolation, hence I can’t show the open cable anymore. But when I remember it correctly, the orange cable was completely open and probably touched the black metal on the motor. It could also be the red wire but I think it was the orange one. :smiley:

Alright, that’s pity. Now I have to do add all the capacitor’s to the new ODRIVE again…grr. :- :sweat_smile: