Hardware Warranty?

Hi, sad day, unfortunately one of my oDrives has just blown a hole in U4.
This was definitely not my fault and the board was only purchased in September - EU Order #00371. Is there a warranty?

I have 4 of 56V v3.6 oDrives in this project. I have been using them with no issues running off of 48V PSUs. I changed to a battery and within a few seconds of applying 51V for the first time it blew. The other 3 are still working fine, so seems fair to assume there was a fault with U4 on that board.
I am happy to try repairing it (if it will not void any warranty) but seeing as it tripped a 20A breaker then I’m guessing there may be more damaged than just U4…

Please advise.

Please can you confirm what hardware production tests (if any) are performed prior to boards shipping?
If they are not tested AND there is no warranty then this is extremely unfair.

Hi @Junglist, sorry about the delay. I’m checking with the owner, and will let you know.

@Wetmelon No worries. I contacted the shop via email in the end and Oskar already sent me a replacement. :smiley: