Has anyone made a PCB HAT/Backpack for ODrive GPIOs?

Curious if anyone has community knowledge around projects to add a stackable PCB extension / hat / backpack / etc to the ODrive itself. It seems as though there are a lot of potential upgrades that require external circuitry, ie motor thermistors, ground loop isolation, etc. We’re looking at making a pcb based on the ODrive footprint to go on top of the GPIO pins like a pi hat but curious if anyone has explored this in the past.

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Working on an official one at the moment. What features do you want?

@Wetmelon that’s awesome! Our use case is a bit different than most users. Our primary goals are to optimize the arduino -> isolator situation and bring the RST pin to the main header for breakout of an enclosure.

That’s way too specific for anything I’m sure you’re looking at but are there plans to offer a blank eagle file we can work off from and share collaboratively with on OSHPark or some other service? It would be great to be developing hats off the same board file.

Regarding any official hat profile we would +1 having it be reversible so that it can be used on the ODrive facing up or down depending on the cooling strategy. Specifically we’re flipping the ODrive FET side down to passively cool through a conductive plat on the chassis of our system.

Yes I have created one that takes translates RS422 incremental encoder signals to normal ones. It also has a thermistor circuit on it so you can connect motor thermistors.

Nice to hear that you guys are already working on this!

We have so as well for our project. Schematics are nearly finished and we’ll start working on the routing next week. Once done I’ll share this here ofcourse!

Our team is working on rewriting some firmware for more accessible (absolute) encoder options of which @Jorijs could tell you a bit more but this means that we are adding multiple connectors among:
2 x ethercat connectors
2 x JST-GH (8 pin) connectors for absolute encoders
2 x JST-GH (5 pin) connectors for incremental encoders
the same two long male 2.54mm connectors as the odrive has for fitting it onto the odrive
2 x JST-GH (4 pin) connectors for temperature sensors (analogue i believe)
A connector for software debug

The print will contain a DC/DC converter for 48V to 5V and 3.3V
A controller to translate UART to SPI for the LAN9252 chip
A lan9252 chip

You can ask me for the schematics if you’d like them already but as I said, i will publish them later on anyway once this project is complete.


I’ve got some I’ve been using! Please feel free to use them.