[Help] Witch encoder do I need?

Hi everyone, I’m new to this world, please be patient with me :smiley:

I’m about to buy an ODrive, some motors and encoders to play arround, but I can’t figure it out witch encoder works with the motors that I selected.

I read the ODrive motor guide and I pick two:

  1. Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374-149KV
  2. 9235-100KV Turnigy Multistar

I was planning on buying the incremental encoder on the shop, the CUI AMT102-V and I think that it works for the Aerodrive SK3 - 6374 but not for the 9235-100KV Turningy Multistar. Correct me if I’m wrong.

So, what encoder can I use with the 9235-100KV Turningy Multistar?

Link to the motors:

Thank you.

Hi Angeel, I can only give you information from my experience :smiley:

And that is; I purchased the 6374 ODrive motor from the ODrive store, for three reasons, as the ODrive motor will fit the encoder (CUI AMT102-V) nicely on the rear of the shaft, and this won’t interfere with your driving application, secondly the pricing of the Turnigy’s price here in OZ, was of little difference, and thirdly to support Oskar for making such a fantastic product in ODrive, and saving us ODrivers lots of cash, what I mean by that is; to get this type of hardware we would have to pay for expensive Servo Systems.

Regards Jerry :smile:

For what it’s worth, I have found the ASM5047p to be particularly nice and versatile to work with. Definitely get a few extra magnets though if you plan to adhere them to motors/shafts.

Thank you for your answers, I ended up buying the ASM5047P.

I will post updates.