High frequency noise

Hi, I am using Odrive board to control the motor with AS5047P encoder. But there is very high-frequency noise when I use closed-loop control. It is too noisy. Is this a problem?

Yes, it is going to make your AS5047P hard to measure. How are you measuring this high frequency noise? If you can help us track down any improvements to be made that would be very helpful.

Thanks for your replay. Maybe my words are a bit ambiguous. What I mean is the noise heard by the ear rather than the noise of the encoder reading.:rofl:

Oh haha. The system works at 24kHz PWM, so you shouldn’t be able to hear it but sometimes you can hear the current sensor sampling noise, which samples at 8kHz

Hey, this thread looks interesting. The ODrive always creates a high frequency noise when in closed loop mode and it slowly starts to get really annoying over the time. Do you think this is possible to be changed? Maybe changing the frequency, would this be possible?

Just asking out of curiosity, driven by annoyance : P

You can try reducing motor.config.current_control_bandwidth - but beware that it may reduce performance i.e. you may get instability at the limits of of vel_gain and pos_gain, such that you have to reduce these gains.

You can also try the ferrite rings, and you can try changing motor.config.requested_current_range. If it is too low, then it may saturate obviously, but if it is too high, then the current sensor ADC noise is also increased.

Alright, thank you for your response. I might try that at some point