High torque braking motor


I was having a similar application in which high torques are required, but unlike normal application the bldc will be rotating in the opposite direction to that of the applied torque. (BLDC is used to provide a constant torque resistance at the shaft). Is there a setting in the odrive which can be used for this purpose?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, you can use current control which will apply a fixed torque. You can also use velocity control and set a velocity slower than your externally applied velocity, and set an appropriate velocity gain and current limit. This will apply a speed-dependent braking torque.


Hi, how did this go for you?

I’m looking at a similar application, wondering what motor to choose for max torque 10Nm, but would mostly be used at 2 -4 Nm.

What motor did you use? I’m confused at the many advertised hoverboard & scooter motors :frowning: